Hidden / Spy

Hidden / Spy cameras look like regular items. A wall clock in a small store, a smoke detector, a motion sensor, a tiny hole in the ceiling - each one of these could very easily be a surveillance camera. You can record without anyone knowing it.

Weather-proof Housings

Weatherproof Camera Housings make non-weatherproof security cameras weatherproof and capable of being used safely outdoors. We can source a large variety of weatherproof housing for a varitey of different style cameras including IP cameras.



Dome Security Cameras are commonly used in surveillance systems inside of casinos, retail stores, schools and restaurants. Because of their dome shape, it is difficult for someone to tell which direction the lens of the camera is pointing. If the area that you require a camera is susceptible to vandalism or tampering, armor dome cameras are available.

Megapixel IP

Megapixel IP Cameras are suitable in really demanding situations where you need to be able to identify persons or objects in a scene. This could be point-of-sales monitoring where it is necessary to clearly see every item a customer is purchasing, or situations where you need to be able to identify a face or license plate. Using a megapixel IP cameras in all such cases will provide even higher resolution images with more details than a non-megapixel network camera.


Night Vision 

The hours we keep don’t always correlate with daylight hours. We find ourselves working after dark in order to get everything accomplished, at home or at work. Next time you find yourself out late, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing your office or home was equipped with a Night Vision Security Camera? A night vision security camera provides clear images no matter what kind of lighting conditions it’s placed in.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom 

Pan / Tilt / Zoom Security Cameras allow you control the pan, tilt and zoom operations of the camera lens remotely or through a Digital Video Recording system. PTZ Cameras have the ability to move up, down, right, left, and even zoom.