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Are you looking for the perfect gift?


Give them something they want without having to read their minds. One gift. Unlimited possibilities...



Balance Check Online - Anytime, anywhere, check your balance and expiry date online.
Flexible Denominations - Big or Small, choose the value. The perfect fit for any budget.
Redeemable at Any AVU - AVU has over 80 stores all across Canada.


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Give Them... Anything they Want!
The Perfect Gift for any occasion. Take the guesswork out of gift giving year round. Don’t wait for the holidays, there are a million other reasons to give a card to someone!


Put some real “wow” inside all that gift wrapping. Just imagine the happy faces dreaming about all the great stuff they can buy with an AVU Gift Card.



They finally made it through High School. Now they are going to need a TV to brighten up a campus dorm room, or maybe a stereo for their first car. Either way you’re covered.


Father’s Day

Even if he calls it the “idiot box”, Dad really does love the TV. Give him the opportunity to test out all the new plasma and LCD technology. Even if he only comes home with a programmable remote, he’ll really enjoy himself!



You will guarantee yourself an invitation to all your friend’s weddings when you give them the one gift they won’t have to return. The only drawback - doing The Bird Dance with Great Aunt Mildred.



Show the one you love just how much they mean to you with the ultimate reason to snuggle up and watch a movie. Even if you have to watch a lot of “Chick Flicks” on your new big screen TV, the remote control will always belong to you.


House Warming

What better way to warm a new home than to fill it with extraordinary sights and sounds. Get in good with your friends, and maybe they will invite you to all their pool parties too!


Corporate Incentives... Let them choose their own reward

Client, Supplier and Employee motivation is easy when you reward them with a Gift Card incentive. Let them know how valuable they are with the gift that is guaranteed to please. Who wouldn’t love to choose their own reward in a store that carries the top brands in Home Theatre and A/V Mobile electronics?


Client & Customer Appreciation

Any type of business can benefit from a client appreciation program. Think how thrilled your clients will be when you show them how important they are by thanking them with a Gift Card from AVU. A great way to guarantee future business today.


Vendor Incentives

Vendors and suppliers are people too. They work hard to ensure that your business runs smoothly, so why not say thanks with the gift that keeps on giving? Send them shopping at AVU and they will be the ones thanking you!


Employee Motivation

Give your employee bonus program a face lift. Add a Gift Card from AVU as an incentive for increasing sales, meeting targets and deadlines, even Holiday bonuses. It’s a great way to thank your staff for all the hard work they do. Ask your sales representative for all the details.