set-up & delivery



Want your new items unpacked and installed? We can do that!
We can even take away the packaging. Standard delivery drop-off available.

Set Up
Right now, somewhere, a customer is trying to set up their brand new home theatre system and they are getting frustrated. Understandably so because unless you have done it quite a few times, it is not as easy as you would think. To make matters worse, the performance of even a basic system is dependant largely upon calibration, remote programming, speaker placement and accurate connections.

Let the experts at AVU get the job done for you quickly so you can start appreciating your system sooner! We offer professional hook up of all your components, including system programming and calibration, to maximize your performance and ease of control. We'll even program your remote.

Custom Installation
Customized installations can range from having your music in another room, to having music in every room, along with fully integrated lighting systems. Pre-wire and installation into existing walls, available by quotation. We are CEDIA accredited.