Security System Add-Ons


We offer a wide range of upgradable components to enable us to customize any security system to our customers preferences.




Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide sensors detect unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas created when carbon-based fuel sources such as natural gas, propane, and methane are burned incompletely. Space heaters are a common source of CO in the home and, in addition, automobiles left running in attached garages can also produce dangerous levels of CO. Carbon monoxide sensors trigger an alarm to alert you and the monitoring center of the presence of CO which has been dubbed "the silent killer".


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Temperature Monitors

Although not commonly thought of as a burglary system component, temperature monitors can be installed into your alarm system to provide remote monitoring of temperature conditions within a home or business. These devices have application for second and vacation homes which may be vacant for long periods of time. They are also common in storage areas where the contents are subject to damage as a result of improper temperature conditions.


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Screen/ Glass Break Sensor 

Mostly for businesses with large display windows is the glass break sensor. We offer the DSC Actuity. The Acuity’s advanced sound analysis technology can detect all of the common type of breaking glass with ease; plate, laminated, wired or tempered. In addition to glass type, it also accommodates changes in pane size, glass thickness and room acoustics.


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window contact security sensor

Window Contacts

Contact sensors installed on doors and windows are the primary detection component for most home and small business alarm systems. They are attached to the frame of the monitored door or window and operate mechanically through magnetic attraction. Contact sensors may be either hard-wired to the alarm panel or wireless and are very reliable.


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Flood Sensor 

Water level sensors are used in basements and water heater and air conditioning overflow pans to detect the presence of liquid. Similarly, wave motion detectors may be installed in swimming pools to alert the homeowner to entry by children or others. When the sensor is triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring station to be handled based on instructions from the home or business owner.


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integrated home automation security

Automated Integration
With automated integration, security alarm systems are able to interface with leading manufacturers of home and building automation products and audio distribution systems such as Control4 and URC to create seamless, fully integrated control solutions.


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Smoke Detector  

Even your smoke detector can be tied into your security system. We offer the Meridian which incorporates an advanced 90° photoelectric detection pattern - a uniquely designed smoke chamber with a high immunity to false alarms. As a key part of your security system, Meridian is uniquely able to supply the life safety detection you deserve. It's designed to perform over a longer period of time, with greater reliability and, ultimately, greater peace of mind.


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Panic Button

Wireless or wired, panic buttons can assist in duress situations such as medical emergencies, hold-ups alarms or act as a silent alarm. Depending on previosuly arranged course of action, a panic button will alert alarm monitoring staff to immediatley dispatch friends, family or even emergency services.


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Pet Immune Motion Detectors

Ever worry about your petting running around the house when you are away and setting off the security system? Well, we offer DSC’s Digital Bravo 6 detector with pet immunity technology. It utilizes 2 dual elements PIRs featuring high density digital analysis and multi-level signal processing with a vertically interleaving beam pattern for superior intruder detection while being immune to pets weighing up to 85lbs/38kg.


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Alpha-numeric Keypads 

Not essential for a security system but providing ease of knowing what is actually going on within your system are the
alpha-numeric keypads.


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Cellular Back-up 

The ultimate option for someone who has worries about their phone lines being cut and disrupting the communication lines for their security system. Aztek Security Co. offers a cellular back-up. It is a universal wireless transceiver and is an affordable wireless alarm communication alternative to phone lines transmitting signals via a cellular data service. It can be installed remotely anywhere on-site, and performs automatic mode selection on power-up.


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 security keyfob

Wireless Keyfob

A wireless remote or "keyfob" is similar to the remote entry button used on most newer cars and gives you the ability to turn your alarm system on or off at the push of a button from a range of up to 75 feet. In addition to arming your system, your keyfob can act as a "panic button" and can be used to open your garage door or turn your home lighting on and off for systems with these features.


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